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About Sacred Starseed

As an intuitive, and empathic child Sacred Starseed was drawn to all things magic, mediumship, and helping others to heal. She began her spiritual journey at the age of 15 by learning how to use different divination tools, and communicating with Spirits on the otherside, a gift she has had since she was a young girl. She eventually moved to California with her husband, and daughter to start her new life. She found two Spiritual mentors that helped her to grow into, use her gifts, and soon become a Reiki Master. Sacred Starseed considers herself a Transitional Healer, assisting those during times of big changes, and loves helping women to feel empowered, and tap into their own magic by reconnecting them with their womb.

"I am here to help raise the vibration of the world around us, and to help my clients to open up, heal, and use their own magic to manifest the lives of their dreams."

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